BRIT Kids @ Brooke Weston Trust, CORBY

Welcome to BRIT kids at Brooke Weston Trust

Brooke Weston Trust are absolutely thrilled to have forged a partnership with the BRIT School in order to offer a bespoke tailored arts package for students aged 8-15.  The BRIT School have over 25 years of experience of arts education, encouraging each individual to work in a creative, co-operative and collaborative manner.

At Brooke Weston Trust we believe in the importance of a relentless determination to succeed.  Our students are supported to fully achieve their potential and live rewarding lives.  We value each student equally and ensure that no-one is left behind.   We have high expectations of every student and staff member.  We believe in the virtues of professionalism, hard work and commitment.  As part of this, everyone knows they must live up to the trust that we place in them.  Our staff share an absolute commitment to ensure each child in the Trust’s care receives the best possible education.

It is on a Saturday morning that we aim to take the best of BRIT Kids fused with the core principle’s offered by the Brooke Weston Trust to create a hugely successful and flourishing arts centre; BRIT kids at Brooke Weston Trust.  At the heart of this will be a thriving sense of community, creative energy and excitement as we encourage each other to experience new challenges and have fun every step of the way.

To apply, please complete an application form from the link.

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