Complaints and Appeals Procedure



Guidelines for students and parents

  1. It is the intention of The BRIT School as laid out in its mission statement to create a professional and creative working environment for the students and staff. However, even in the best run of institutions, there will be mistakes, and it is our wish that a parent/guardian/student should know clearly the procedure for making a complaint should it become necessary. We ask that parents/guardians and students do everything they can, as will staff, to resolve a problem before it becomes a formal complaint or appeal.
  2. In the case of Discipline, there is a clear policy for appeals at all stages of the disciplinary process. This is shown in the Discipline Policy and is found in the pack given to all parents and students when they join the school. It can also be obtained on request from the school.
  3. In the case of Exclusion, there is a clear policy for Appeals. This is shown in the Exclusion Appeals Policy which can also be obtained on request from the school.
  4. If a student has a problem it is expected that they will communicate with their tutor.  Should they not feel comfortable doing this they can approach any other member of BRIT School staff.  The student should also communicate the problem to a parent/guardian. If a parent/guardian wishes to make a complaint which does not fall inside the Disciplinary or Exclusion Policy, the procedure is as follows :
  • First stage: The parent/guardian should write to the member of staff who is the person most directly involved in the concern or complaint, clearly outlining the concern or complaint, and request a response.  Should a meeting take place involving the student at this stage it is recommended that the number of staff present be limited to lessen the risk of a student feeling overawed or intimidated.  It is also recommended that a nominated member of staff manages the process from start to finish ensuring continuity and fairness.
  • Second Stage: If there is no resolution, the parent/guardian should write to the relevant member of the pastoral team or the Director of the student’s specialism, with a copy to Student Services. The member of staff will investigate the concern or complaint and will communicate with the parent/guardian.
  • Third Stage: If there is no resolution, the parent/guardian should write to the Principal's EA, who will investigate, speak to the parent/guardian either in person or on the telephone and reply to the parent/guardian.
  • Final Stage: The parent/guardian may appeal to the Chair of Governors on procedural grounds only, within fourteen days of the receipt of the reply. The Chair will consider the concern/complaint on procedural grounds only, and, if s/he deems it necessary, meet with the parent/guardian. The Chair’s response is final.


Guidelines for members of the public

If you have any concerns regarding members of The BRIT School community they should be reported the Principal's EA