Entitlement Statement


At The BRIT School each student has an entitlement to receive a comprehensive Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme delivered by experienced and enthusiastic staff.

At the BRIT School the Careers Leader is Jo Evans (Careers Manager), she is supported by Kate Mara, Careers Officer and George Smith, Careers Assistant

Students themselves are central to an effective programme and other professionals including Industry Leaders, Teachers and the Head of Careers. Independent, impartial Careers Advisers make a vital contribution to ensuring that BRIT School students develop the skills they need to make well informed realistic decisions that will enable them to achieve their full potential in the future. All students will be consulted on the entitlement to CEIAG and help shape what it should include.

The overall aim of an effective Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme is to help students to:

  • Gain information about jobs and employment (the labour market) in a variety of areas.
  • Understand themselves better and develop their personal capabilities.
  • Acquire the skills necessary for making realistic decisions.
  • Make informed choices about their own career paths.
  • Be aware of all education, training and career opportunities Post 16 and Post 18;
  • Have the career management skills needed to manage transitions to new roles and situations.

At The BRIT School, all students will have:

  • Access to opportunities within different sectors to help them learn more about what is involved. This will be led by Industry professionals where possible and can include speakers, work inspiration events, industry led workshops and visits.
  • Access to a planned and structured careers education programme to help develop key skills around self-awareness and informed decision making.
  • Access to up to date, impartial and comprehensive careers information covering educational, vocational training, higher education and career opportunities;
  • Access to individual advice and guidance interview with an impartial, professional Careers Adviser.


Through the delivery of The BRIT School’s CEIAG programme, each year the students in Year 10 and Year 11 will:

  • Have careers lessons which are incorporated into the Personal and Professional  Development Programme to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of Careers and the World of Work.
  • Gain a better understanding of themselves (personal characteristics, abilities, interests, potential, weaknesses and limitations) and build upon self-awareness and how it relates to the world of work.
  • Have access to careers education, information, advice or guidance in school through the Careers Department or the independent career adviser and access one-to-one individualised careers support.
  • Have access to The BRIT School Careers resources and external speakers on a range of topics including apprenticeships, sector specific roles and higher education.
  • Be introduced to the Work Experience Programme and supported in finding suitable placements in Year 10
  • Take part in Steps to Success Interview Challenge Day; have a one to one mock interview with an industry professional and receive constructive feedback.

Through the delivery of a comprehensive PPD Programme, students in Year 12 and Year 13 will participate in a programme of Careers Education Information, Advice & Guidance activities.

The aim of the careers programme is as follows:

  • To ensure that before leaving at the end of Year 13, each student has made a clear decision about the next stage of their career, based on a realistic appraisal of their abilities and interests.
  • Decisions are rational and can be justified in terms of the aspirations and achievements of the student concerned.
  • Each student should understand his/her own achievements and aspirations and be able to describe them.
  • Students recognise the degree of realism, or lack of it, which is inherent in their ideas, and can identify barriers to achieving their aims;
  • Students have a plan for putting their ideas into effect, and a contingency plan in case the first course of action does not bring success.



Careers sessions are in place for all Year 12 students throughout the year. Students will:

  • Have access to one-to-one career interviews through meetings with the independent, impartial career adviser to support students throughout the Year.   Students will have their individual ideas explored whether it be degree courses, vocational training, gap year opportunities, apprenticeships, employment, taking into account financial elements for all options;
  • Take part in Futures Day, which will introduce them to Post 18 options
  • Take part in Careers Day, which will allow students to explore career options in greater depth.
  • Receive an introduction to UCAS and be shown how to create a UCAS account.
  • Receive specialist support to write their UCAS personal statement, and applications to vocational and specialist institutions.
  • Receive specialist support to write applications for apprenticeships/internships and employment
  • Receive a weekly Careers bulletin to enable students to keep up to date with opportunities, events and deadlines



Careers sessions are in place for all Year 13 students throughout the year.   Students will:

  • Continue to receive one-to-one interviews through Careers Interviews with the independent, impartial career adviser to support students throughout the Year.
  • Receive support and guidance to help students through the UCAS application process, as well as UCAS Conservatoires, direct applications to Vocational Schools and overseas universities.
  • Participate in ‘Writing your personal statement’ workshops.
  • Where appropriate, receive help with CVs, Job Applications and mock interviews.
  • Where appropriate, share their ‘application’ experiences with younger students to share knowledge and lessons identified.
  • Receive a weekly Careers bulletin to enable students to keep up to date with opportunities, events and deadlines.


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