Task overview

Thank you for your application to Year 10 IDD at The BRIT School.  We very much value your interest in our subject and are really looking forward to hearing more about you.

Interactive Digital Design applicants we’d like you to complete one workshop task and upload a digital portfolio of your creative work.


Workshop task

There are two links to Slideshows relating to the Workshop.  Please download as a Powerpoint and carefully read through both slideshows before attempting the task. 

The ‘Online KS4 IDD Workshop Brief’ outlines a creative task and the timings for each stage.  The entire task should take you no more than 1hr.  Please stick to the suggested times, we are quite used to the expected and achievable amount of work possible in these time durations.  If we believe that an unacceptable amount of extra time has been spent on a task it could negatively affect your score.

The’ Online KS4 IDD Workshop Applicant Template’ is where you should record your responses to the brief. Please download the template and save as a Powerpoint before editing and completing the tasks as outlined.  

Once complete, please save the Powerpoint as Firstname_Lastname_Workshop_Strand_Year.pptx before uploading.



Please either provide a URL link to an online portfolio or create a Powerpoint slideshow including a maximum of 8 related projects to showcase your interest and abilities within IDD.  

Please title your Portfolio PowerPoint as Firstname_Lastname_Portfolio_Strand_Year


Click below to upload your completed workshop task and share your portfolio

The Submission deadline is Friday 21st May 2021