Task overview

Thank you for your application to Post-16 IDD at The BRIT School.  We very much value your interest in our subject and are really looking forward to hearing more about you.

We would like you to complete one workshop task and upload a digital portfolio of your creative work.

Workshop task

Please click here to access the workshop task for your IDD application.  We suggest you spend approximately one hour on completing this task. To help you please download and use this template for your response to the set task. Please label your final submission with your full name. 


We would like you to create an online portfolio that showcases your work that relates to IDD and supports your application.  We suggest you use a simple online application such as WIX.com to make your digital portfolio.  We would like to see approximately 10-15 pieces of work which might include digital illustrations, graphic design, animations, simple games, motion graphics, photography, art work, sketchbook work etc.  Please include your full name in the URL of your portfolio.


Click below to upload your completed workshop task and share the URL to your portfolio

The deadline to submit via the schools website is Friday 12th of March.