National Exam Seasons

The Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ) allows awarding bodies to deliver two main exam seasons for academic subjects annually. The November exam series for students resitting English language GCSE or Maths GCSE in KS5, and the Summer series which runs from May to June annually, is for GCSE at KS4 and KS5 and GCE (AS and A Levels) in KS5.

BTEC’s/ RSL/NCFE also have an External Assessments windows as a separate series that takes place from January to May. KS4 Strand students taking qualifications with these awarding bodies can expect to sit an external assessment during year 10 or year 11, during Term 3 and/or Term 4.

Ofqual have announced this year there will be an autumn 2021 exam series in response to the cancellation of exams in summer 2021.

Any student who receives a teacher-assessed grade (TAG) this summer at our centre, can take the corresponding GCSE, AS and A level exams in Autumn 2021, they will have to identify themselves for entry via a google form. (The form will be available after the national result days for GCSE/GCE).

In addition, any student who was aged at least 16 on 31st August 2021, did not achieve a grade 4, can re-take the GCSE English language and GCSE maths resit exams. Students who are ready to sit these exams, will be identified by teachers from Mature English and Mature Maths cohorts for entry to the Autumn exam series. The exams will be in their normal format, with no adaptations being made, but reasonable adjustments will be made for students with approved access arrangements. AS and A level exams will be held in October and GCSE exams in November and December.

The internal entry deadline for the Autumn exam series will be in late August, once JCQ has released their Autumn timetable the exact date will be confirmed. 

Students must ensure they have read the JCQ candidate information for GCSE and GCE (AS and A Levels) before the exam season begins. Please see above for the link to the JCQ candidate information page.