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KS4 Theatre

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 Year 10 All Subjects: 4th Jan 2019 (All Courses)

What sort of student are we looking for?

The KS4 Theatre course is designed for any young person approaching Year 10 who has a passion for and commitment to drama and theatre. The course is excellent for anyone wishing to train as an actor, study plays or find out more about themselves and the world we live in. Students need to be mature, sensitive, good team players and be prepared to push themselves in an exciting environment.  Students need to be truly committed to both practical and academic elements of the course.

How do we choose students?

We look at your application form and we read what your present school have to say about you. It is then likely that we will call you in for a practical drama workshop and discussion. The workshop will look at how you interact with others, how creative you can be and how you contribute to lessons. You will also be asked to prepare a speech from a contemporary play to perform in the discussion.  The discussion will ask you questions about yourself, your approach to school, what you think about theatre and the developments you want to make as a student at The BRIT School. We will be looking for totally committed students who can excel at and enjoy all subjects.

Course Details

The  BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Theatre) is a practical and vocational course. You will explore acting techniques. You will look at improvisation skills and how to make exciting and dynamic theatre on stage. Students take a professional and focused approach to rehearsing productions, learning how to study texts and how to perform with confidence and skill.  Students will take part in workshops and schemes of work that not only develop them as performers but also as people.

The BRIT School theatre course frequently looks at how drama can explore serious social issues, as well as performing both scripted and devised work.

Performances take place both in and out of school. As well as performing, the benefit of the  BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts is to examine and explore the performing arts industry. Students have exciting opportunities to study career paths in the industry, to discover how to market and budget a show and how to understand the responsibilities of working backstage for a theatre company.  This means that students have lectures from visiting theatre managers, marketing officers and production crews. They have an opportunity to study how a theatre box office works and to work as a member of a front of house team at The BRIT School’s theatre.   They will learn how to write CVs and to apply for work. Professional actors and directors visit the students to discuss what life is like in the real world of the theatre industry.

How are the students examined?

Students are internally and externally assessed. Students are graded on how they rehearse, perform and importantly how they evaluate their progress.

Students must keep actors’ logs which reflect on and evaluate their work.

Students have the benefit of a creative environment in which they can see over 40 shows a year at the school.  Students are expected to have the dedication and commitment to see as many of these as possible. They can learn from others.

At the end of the course in Year 11 students usually apply for the Post-16 theatre course at The BRIT School where they can study theatre in more depth, improve their technique as actors and focus their development on a future in the world of the performing arts.

How to Apply

Questions to be answered in section 7of the application form:

a) What do you think your best performance has been so far, and why?

b) What do you think is the most effective piece of theatre you have seen and why?

c)  Why do you think theatre is important?

d)  What do you think you will learn and what do you hope to achieve by studying this course?



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