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BRIT Kids was set up by The BRIT School to offer Performing and Creative Arts classes to the local community on a Saturday. 16 years later, 600 children participate in BRIT Kids community classes in South London every week at The BRIT School. This year, BRIT Kids is expanding its age range and I am thrilled to announce that our classes now cater for 8 -18 year olds.

BRIT Kids is a place for children to explore their creativity, to challenge what they think the performing arts and creative arts can give them. However, for me, the most important part of BRIT Kids is the community feel on a Saturday. It is through this energy and creativity that the children find a way to build confidence, make new friends and gain a feeling that they belong to something really rather special.

BRIT Kids is different to other Saturday schools on many different levels. Firstly, we cater for all the Creative arts from Theatre to Art Club, Street dance to Film Making. This unique mix of classes offered really does mean there is something for everyone. Alongside this we are proud to be part of The BRIT School, following it’s free ethos for creativity, challenging our students with bespoke plays, contemporary art classes and high teaching levels with specialist equipment.

Over the course of the year there are numerous shows and exhibitions, radio broadcasts and events. This allows the children to show off their experiences and new skills to family and friends. However, the real work happens every Saturday in the classrooms, and I am lucky enough to have witnessed this energy over many years now.  I have witnessed shy, under-confident children join us and find a voice for themselves. I have spoken to parents that say BRIT Kids is the most treasured part of their child’s week.  In short, BRIT Kids has made a difference to so many children, in so many different ways, and I am very proud of this.

Our teachers are varied in their backgrounds, often BRIT School teachers and technicians, ex-BRIT School students and professionals working in their industry, coming to us on a Saturday to impart their experience.

Whatever your reason for joining us - a creative outlet, to meet new friends, to be part of something - there are plenty of diverse classes to choose from. We will expect you to work hard, we will expect you to be challenged, and we will expect you to enjoy every minute of the journey!

Tobi Deeson

BRIT Kids Director, The BRIT School

The BRIT School

The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology
60 The Crescent

tel: 020 8665 5242
fax: 020 8665 8676


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