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What our staff say about working here

The BRIT School is a playground with professional boundaries, where the raw talent of 14-19 year old meets the nurturing expertise of our world-class teachers and the exceptional care of our support staff. We work hard to nurture a creative environment that develops the whole person. This holistic approach makes The BRIT School a very special place to work. 



  • Michael Corcoran - English Teacher and Pupil Premium Coordinator


    "I was drawn to applying for a post at The BRIT School initially because of the 'mystery' that surrounded the school. Growing up in Ireland I had always been aware of the institution's place in common folklore, guiding the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse to stardom. However, upon entry on my interview day, I was pleasantly surprised by the normality of the school - be that with an added vibrancy in the air. What makes working at The BRIT School rewarding and unique is the wealth of students and staff that I can relate to and interact with on a daily basis to discuss any number of topics. Over my nearly five years at the school, I have been rewarded in terms of my continuous professional development, gaining skills and insight into not only my classroom pedagogy, but also my whole-school position as Pupil Premium Leader, which has offered invaluable insight into the barriers to learning that affect students who experience disadvantage. I would tell other prospective applicants who wish to embark on a career at BRIT to be open to opportunities and to herald the fact that the desire to take on additional responsibilities will be rewarded."

  • Katie Welford -Trust and Grants Officer


    "I applied to BRIT after a decade of freelancing and I really wanted to feel part of a team. I can find it hard being in a standard office environment so I was drawn to the creative aspect and thought working in a performing arts school would be interesting. All of these things have held true. I not only feel part of my department team but it does feel like the school works together in a supportive and respectful way, whilst also being a fun place to be. As part of the support staff, it's clear to see the students work really hard and there's surprises to be found every day as you come across rehearsals outside or overhear a band playing down the corridor. I think this is a place where you are valued as an individual for what you can bring to the whole and that can be quite a unique thing to find."

  • Teacher at BRIT


    "BRIT is a special place to work.  As a teacher who is passionate about the arts and wants to enable young people to have access to creative careers, it doesn't get much better than BRIT.  In a time when the arts are being squeezed into mainstream education, the purpose of school has never been more important.  I can honestly say that BRIT provides a safe and inclusive space for artists (teachers and students!), regardless of background, to learn and create, along with academic rigour in a wider curriculum.  If you are a passionate and dedicated teacher, I couldn't recommend it more."

  • What’s great about working at the BRIT school is being surrounded by staff and students who are good at what they do, passionate about working to exceptionally high standards, and ultimately want to be here. Whether you have been working here for less than a year or over a decade, there’s always new and interesting challenges - every day is different!


    As well as being a great place for students to study, staff are also given opportunities to develop professionally. It’s something that could easily be forgotten, given the day-to-day challenges, but it is such an important part of keeping up with the latest working practices, techniques, and equipment. Ultimately, you improve and so will those around you."

    James Allen | Assistant Music Technician

  • "One of the benefits of working here is the chance to develop skills and work with a lovely group of people. The school invests as much in its staff as it does the students. There are plenty of opportunities for personal development, and the school is  supportive of staff wanting to learn additional skills.


    The school seems to have a very high retention rate, which to me speaks volumes about how much staff enjoy, and value being here. As an employer, The BRIT School makes me feel like I really matter, and what I do really matters."

    Blythe Williams | Student Services & Music Peripatetic Administrator