Latest Edition - BRIT Now: Black History Matters 2023

In partnership with Royal Bank of Canada


We are proud to present BRIT Now: Black History Matters in partnership with RBC

Thank you to RBC for your support to the school over 3 years. It has meant the world to us. You have been able to shine a light on emerging artists and given them a platform across the sixteen editions of BRIT Now. You have supported this generation’s ideas and directly contributed to the creativity of over 400 of our students.  We are very grateful for your love and encouragement. Always BRIT. Always RBC.

Stuart Worden, Principal

#BRITTransforms #RBCEmergingArtists

Elaine Nelson: A Celebration Highlight Film by Ian Hippolyte (Film & Media Production graduate)

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More than just a colour by Taurn Murley Yr 12

To highlight incorrect stereotypes behind the colour black.

Generations of Oppression In Croydon by Riley Welch Yr 12

This is a final piece where I took pictures of a Black male teacher in my school.
 I then digitally manipulated him to get photos from each generation as it was my spin on war and conflict (theme) as the teacher lives in Croydon therefore sees the violence that happens where I highlighted through spaces on the map. I used a range of materials that I'm familiar with- pencil, water colours, a blue biro and charcoal. Each of which represents each generation in times of conflict (oppression and racism).

Alice Walker and Womanism by Victoria  Mendrala Yr 12

It's an illustration praising Alice Walker's achievements and work towards the fight against racism and sexism.

Arise by Abi Binge Yr 12

This collage piece aims to celebrate the power, life and culture of the black community. The title 'Arise' reflects how black people have spoken out and fought for their voices to be heard, rising up to issues and having huge social impact on our modern society and the bright colours of the Pan-African flag pay homage to the years of black history and culture.

Unity by Nikolai Giampietro Yr 12

This artwork illustrates that we are all the same in the end, as we all carry the same blood, and the same heart

Find the Truth by Sean Piggott Year 12

Some of the most influential aspects of the modern world can be traced back to the Black Community. However they are rarely given appropriate credit.

In response to this, I designed a set of hypothetical badges, encouraging people to go out and find these hidden truths for themselves.

Black Lives Matter by Kalina Watson Yr 12

It is a drawing of a black girl being peaceful with her identity with magic flowing around her.

Laura Serrant - Inspirational Speaker by Henry Gardner Yr 12

Researching Black History I discovered the amazing Professor Laura Serrant. She wrote about how her parents responded to the call from the government to leave their homes and come to live in Britain. Her poem, "You called...and we came" is a powerful telling of the journey of so many women who came to work for the NHS and the discrimination they first faced and the way they overcame this. I found this powerful and included a QR code so that everyone can appreciate the poem. I wanted the poster to be a visual of the Windrush ship.

Gazing at beauty by Ashley Coussens    Yr 12

I digitally drew this a while ago and it’s based on a girl I used to like. Its title has two meanings: the girl is looking at the painting and you’re looking at the girl.

Black History Matters by Sharyece McAlpin Yr 12

I have drawn four women who I deem to be influential in black history. In 1968, Shirley Chisholm became the first black woman to be elected to the United States congress. Madam C. J. Walker was the first female self-made millionaire in America. Harriet Tubman was a political activist who escaped slavery and later saved many other slaves. Mae Jemison is an engineer and became the first African-American woman to travel into space.


Kingdom Of The Stars by Phonix Palacio Yr 12

This piece is about keeping the spirits and memories of our ancestors alive through the way that we live. From the way that we dance to the songs that we sing, the braids that we wear, and the stories we weave. Being black is an act of resistance and an act of joy, an acknowledgement of pain but an embodiment of freedom.

Olive Morris by Iggy Gill-Ces Yr 12

I painted a picture of Olive Morris with a collage background in photoshop. She was an activist and feminist and co-founded the Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent. She tragically passed at the age of 27, but is remembered by what she did for the community. I also decided to paint her as I live in South London and she especially helped the community here.

The Mother by Naila Owusu Yr 12

This is illustration of my Mum was inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt in the clothing details, and I wanted to create something that reimagines black women as the subject of one of his pieces.


The Art of Hair by Holly Morton Yr 12

This is a drawing of someone's hair being braided that I created using Procreate.

Durag by  Azania  St Marthe Yr 12

This is a fabric painting of a couple and their durags.

Power by Isaac Lennon Yr 10

I feel that everyone relates to the image in their own way. It is up to interpretation for each person and that’s what makes it great. A range of diverse and varied answers embodies the spirit of BRIT. The general theme is a sense of black power and creativity.

World Afro Day- led by Sociology Teacher Rita Erskine

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Amae Scott Yr 13

Isaiah Cansdale Yr 12

Rae Roach Yr 12

Morgan Wayne Yr 10

Aadya Rajwanshi Yr 10

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Tamara Ikeji Yr 13

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