JCQ Information for Candidates

The BRIT School’s Nationally set Exam seasons and Mock seasons are delivered in line with the Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ) regulations and guidance. Students must ensure they have read and understood the JCQ guidance for students.

Students must ensure they have read the JCQ candidate information for GCSE and GCE (AS and A Levels) before the exam season begins. Please find the relevant student information and current guidance below.

Ofqual have provided information for students on Mobile phones in exams: behind the malpractice statistics reasons why students commit malpractice. Please remember the intent of why students bring prohibited items into the exam room do not matter, it is the action itself that is the cause of malpractice and the outcomes of malpractice will not be lesser if you had no intent to use the items. They are still considered prohibited items and will lead to disqualification from the paper unit/qualification subject. https://ofqual.blog.gov.uk/2019/01/11/behind-the-malpractice-stats-mobile-phones-in-exams/ 


Use of Artificial Intelligence for Non-Exam Assessments/ External Assessments and Examinations: 

In accordance with section 5.3(k) of the JCQ General Regulations for Approved Centres (https://www.jcq.org.uk/examsoffice/general-regulations/), teachers and assessors must only accept work for qualification assessments which is the students’ own. Students who misuse AI such that the work they submit for assessment is not their own will have committed malpractice, in accordance with JCQ regulations, and may attract severe sanctions. Students and centre staff must be aware of the risks of using AI and must be clear on what constitutes malpractice. Students must make sure that work submitted for assessment is demonstrably their own. If any sections of their work are reproduced directly from AI generated responses, those elements must be identified by the student, and they must understand that this will not allow them to demonstrate that they have independently met the marking criteria and therefore will not be rewarded.

Please see the relevant JCQ information for candidates regarding AI. 


JCQ AI-Use-in-Assessments_Feb24_v3 

There is also the JCQ website link to the candidate information guides :