Mock Seasons

The BRIT School’s academic calendar allows for:

  • Year 11 and Post 16 Pathways Mock Season in the first two weeks of January annually.
  • One day of year 10 English and Maths Mocks in February.
  • A March mock week for year 11 English and Maths mocks only and Post 16 Pathways.
  •  A week of Year 10 Mock Season in June/July.

The Mock Seasons cover written exam content only for GCSE Options and Core Subjects. In Year 11 mocks, only if time allows, will we schedule a practical assessment for GCSE Textiles, Art Option, Photography Options, in the January Mocks, the work created will be used towards student’s portfolios. If the timetable allows there will be a NCFE mock exam for the external assessment in the January exam season for Year 11. 

There are no mocks for vocational UAL, RSL, or BTEC qualifications in the Year 11 or 10 mocks seasons. 

Candidates are required to bring their own equipment such as black pens, pencils, calculators, and geometry equipment for all relevant examinations. The Exams Team recommend students also bring water in a clear unlabelled bottle for all exams. Highlighters are not allowed to be used in answer booklets but maybe used for source booklets and inserts. 

Year 10 Mocks:

The next mock season for Year 10's will be in June 2023. 

UPDATES: Pathways & Year 11 March Mocks

The Year 11 and Pathways Mock Exam season will be in Term 4 week 1 (20th -24th March), for pathways in AS History, A Level History, A Level maths, Mature English and Maths GCSE & Functional skills and for year 11 in English literature GCSE and Maths GCSE and Further maths. Please see the latest timetable PDF for this mock season below. 

Please note that Year 11 students are only required in on Monday 20th for their set exam time and can leave after the exam has been completed. For all other mock exams, students will be required to attend their unusual classes when they are not in a mock exam. It is important students are following their timetable before and after the mocks have been set.  For example for year 11 GCSE Maths mock on the 24th March, all North band students will follow their usual timetable until 2pm when they sit the Maths mock. All south band students will attend the Maths mock at 9am and then resume their normal timetable from period 3.