National Results Days

The BRIT School release results in line with the national release of results to students, often called Results day.

AS/ A Level and UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma results; The next level 3 results release day is 15th August 2024. 

GCSE and Level 2 Vocational results; The next release day is 22nd August 2024

Results are only released after 8am. Students may collect results slips between 8am -12pm noon. Results will be available on the student isams app by 12 noon on results day. If you are unable to attend to collect your results, please ensure you have access to the student isams app. 

Students are welcome to collect results between 8am and 12pm noon from the main school reception.  

Enquiries about Results and Access to Scripts

If a BRIT School Student is unhappy with an exam result, on results day or the days or immediately following results day they can request an Enquiry about results either a clerical re-check or review of marking. Students may ask to see the marked paper 'access to scripts'.

The Enquires about results and Access to scripts, for GCE, GCSE and Functional skills request deadlines are listed below. You must have completed, submitted and paid for the requested service by the following listed deadlines: 

Priority copy of marked paper (access to scripts) to decide next steps (Other)- Not available until Summer 2024

Original marked paper (access to scripts) to support teaching and learning - Not available until Summer 2024

Clerical re-check (service 1)-  Not available until Summer 2024
 Review of marking (service 2)- Not available until Summer 2024

How to request an Enquiry About Results (EAR) /Access To Scripts (ATS) 

These requests can be made by completing the JCQ candidate confirmation forms in PDF below (students must sign these forms themselves, parents and carers may not sign on their behalf), and submitting them via the relevant request form below. JCQ candidate confirmation forms to sign are in PDF at the bottom of this page to be downloaded and signed. They must be uploaded to your EAR/ATS request submission.

Who can request an Enquiry about results (EAR) or Access to scripts (ATS)?

  • Students who are internal candidates can request The BRIT School to process on their behalf a EAR/ ATS, completing this form and uploading the required JCQ candidate paperwork. 
  •  Parents or Carers for students under 18 (25 for SEND Students) may request an EAR/ATS but the student must provide consent in addition to the parents' request by completing and signing the required JCQ forms.

Request form: 

The Summer requestEAR/ATS form will be available by results day in August 2024. 

The form will contain the internal deadlines for requests to be submitted by. Please note the costs of Enquiries About Results and Access to Scripts services with awarding bodies is at full cost to the student per pathway/qualification per paper.  



Appeals for UAL can be made for Grade concerns. For academic subjects for AQA/WJEC/ PEARSON the appeals, for overall grades, the process can be made after the initial Enquiry About Results outcome has been received. The next appeal opportunity will be in summer 2024. 

UAL Appeals Centre Review Stage 1:   - Not available until Summer 2024

RSL/NCFE/BTEC year 11 strand overall results appeals:  - Not available until Summer 2024

Academic pathway GCE / GCSE and Vocational unit or component appeals. 

For academic appeals, please submit your appeal to the school within 8 days of the Enquiry about the results outcome in writing to 

You can use our appeals process for:

  1. Exam and non-exam assessment (NEA) results. You can only make an appeal if you've already requested and received the outcome of a review of marking or moderation review. Appeals should focus on whether an awarding body has:
    1. a) used procedures that were consistent with regulatory requirements.
    1. b) applied its procedures properly and fairly in arriving at judgements.
    1. c) properly applied the mark scheme.
  2. Malpractice decisions – when we have applied a malpractice penalty.
  3. Access arrangements and special consideration decisions – if we’ve declined your application, or you disagree with the level of adjustment made.