• 19/01/19


    "The BRIT School was the beginning of my adventure. I loved it to its core. The experience and the opportunities were endless, the teachers actually taught me life lessons and the energy of the place was unlike anything I’ve seen since. I think it’s really important that more of us get to experience it in the future. And that’s why I donate to the School."

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  • 18/01/19


    “As a member of staff, I have seen how budget cuts have affected the school I love. So when I was asked to support our fundraising campaign by doing a physical challenge involving multiple climbs of The O2, I didn’t hesitate. Even though I’m not a fitness buff and not the greatest fan of heights, it never crossed my mind to say no."

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  • 17/01/19


    “I happened to see something on the television celebrating the 25th anniversary of The BRIT School and the light just went on…. as soon as I walked in, there was a buzz, an energy, and I just thought ‘this is what I need to do!’. I’m local, and as a former teacher, I have connections with students who wanted to go there. I thought my support will be more worthwhile locally to a smaller organisation. And whatever the amount, I know it will be appreciated."

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