"The BRIT School was the beginning of my adventure. I loved it to its core. The experience and the opportunities were endless, the teachers actually taught me life lessons and the energy of the place was unlike anything I’ve seen since. I think it’s really important that more of us get to experience it in the future. And that’s why I donate to the School."

“I would be a very different person if I hadn’t gone to The BRIT School. I learnt to stand taller, be brave. I learnt that it was OK to be myself. I would be a little lost if I hadn’t found BRIT. Without it, I think the world would be a little dimmer.

“The BRIT School is quite simply a magical place. Please donate to help it stay that way and continue to be a place where kids can be themselves.” 


Sarah O'Brien

BRIT School alumna (1999). VP of Executive Communications at Facebook. A donor to The BRIT School