The BRIT School launches BRIT for Business

25 years of teaching experience across the creative industries brought to a corporate audience


London, 6th March 2019 –

The BRIT School has launched BRIT for Business – a new venture that draws on the experience and knowledge of respected business coaches and trainers that have worked with the renowned school over the past 25 years – to create a unique training offer for ambitious businesses looking to develop their talent creatively.

The BRIT School are acclaimed experts in their field of working with young people: nurturing talent, inspiring creatively, and being leaders in exploring topical subject matters through education. BRIT for Business has partnered with global business experts, as well as a number of BRIT School teachers, to develop and deliver a range of courses, and the two combined are set to provide a powerful and unique training platform.

BRIT for Business makes available a suite of creative business courses, 90-minute workshops, and team activities with a direct focus on key business issues. From Leadership Development and People Management to Mental Health and Inclusion, all courses, workshops and team activities have been formulated to help businesses fully develop the potential of their people, encourage creative and inclusive work cultures, and support future growth and innovation capabilities.

Courses are available to book both as open tickets on selected dates in a central London location, as well as being available on a bespoke basis, tailored to suit specific business needs and delivered in-house. Team Activities are a great way to add some creativity and fun to any away-day, or as part of an ongoing development programme. The BRIT School is also able to provide enhanced support through its theatre and events spaces.

BRIT for Business has also developed a professional team of Mentors and Coaches, available to book directly for 1:1 mentoring, group sessions and speaking opportunities. The team consists of internationally recognised leaders from a variety of industries, whose knowledge and expertise would be invaluable to any organisation.

Situated in Selhurst, near Croydon, and supported with BRIT Trust music industry funding raised via The BRIT Awards and Music Industry Trust (MITs) events since its opening in 1991, The BRIT School is the UK’s leading performing arts and technology State School, providing a unique and free education for 1,300 pupils aged between 14 and 19.  Like many schools, The BRIT School has seen its education funding reduced, and is under pressure to develop alternative income streams in order to maintain and grow its acclaimed student offering.  All profits from BRIT for Business will therefore be channelled back to the school.

Michelle Emmerson, Director, BRIT for Business, said:

“We are delighted to be launching BRIT for Business – an exciting suite of courses, workshops and activities to support business and individual development needs. The BRIT School have an incredible depth of experience to share; with a hugely impressive alumni of world-class talent that demonstrates their ability to inspire creativity, nurture talent and work with young people. The BRIT School champions inclusivity and its ethos and ambitions uniquely align with the aspirations and ambitions of forward-thinking businesses. 

“Through my previous work with CEOs and Boards across many sectors, the current challenges of developing creative and innovative cultures, working with young people and continually developing management capability across five generations of workforce are common.  We aspire to support these challenges with a new and fresh approach. At the same time, all profits from BRIT for Business will be donated back to The BRIT School to support and nurture the next generation of talent.”

Stuart Worden, Principal at The BRIT School, said:

“We are really excited to be opening our doors to the world of business and to be able to share 25 years of experience.  Working with young people, being creative, and having confidence to succeed are all important skills we continue to develop. We are confident that in partnering with business experts we can provide something truly unique with BRIT for Business.

“This new venture will also help us to generate additional funding to support the continued growth and development of the school, our resources and most importantly our students.”

For BRIT for Business enquiries and bookings please contact Phoebe Richards, Sales and Marketing, / / +44 (0)20 8003 0121

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