“It all started here” Percelle Ascott, Careers Day 2019

Careers Day 2019

Careers days 2019 kicked off with two celebrated alumni Raye and Percelle Ascott as key note speakers to empower students by offering tips and advice.

Percelle Ascott and Raye returned to where it all began in Selhurst at The BRIT School.  Their careers started in this very place and we were honoured they shared with Year 12 students their advice on making steps into forging successful careers in the creative industries.


Percelle believes his careers started when he met Joivan Wade when they both studied Theatre at BRIT. They started writing performing and producing Mandem on the Wall and released it on YouTube back in 2011 as early adopters on this video platform. It was picked up by E4 Youngers and this started the snowball effect of Percelle and Joivan becoming actors, producers and business people- founding their own company the Wall of Comedy. Percelle believes it was collaborating with a like-minded creatives that drove success.

Whilst Raye was studying Music at BRIT, she did a charity gig and a guitarist showed an interest in her voice and her self-penned songs. She was introduced to a producer and to her manager -who she still has today.  She believes it was taking every opportunity that helped her and she gave the advice to “keep knocking on the door because one day it will open.”

Both said that it was vital to understand the whole production process – having knowledge about legals, IP, editing, technical skills and the business. By understanding the process you can be in meetings and understand what people are talking about. It gives you an advantage.

They also shared with the students about the importance of well-being, keeping balanced and grounded and appreciating all the moments of the process- as Raye said “study hard at exams, hang out with your friends and have fun." Raye also encouraged women to study music tech and producing to readdress the gender imbalance in technical roles within the industry.

In the afternoon, there were panels including one with UK Music MAP with reps from PRS, MPA, MU, PPL, and artists ShaDow and Eckoes; a vocational panel featuring London Studio Centre, Urdang, Mountview, Leeds College of Music, London Contemporary Dance School and The Centre PAC. We also had guest speakers from SYCO, Kiss FM, Whitelight, Autograph Sound Ltd, Arts Ed, Rose Bruford and Setsquare Staging.

In addition, we welcomed back a number of alumni who now work as photographers, actors, songwriters, dancers, performers, film broadcasters, editors and graphic designers.