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1st June

"Creativity, community and kindness are paramount at this time."  

Stuart Worden, Principal

7 May 2020

Dear students joining us in Year 10 & Year 12,

My message is to warmly welcome all of you who are joining us in late Summer. I’m writing to say how much we are looking forward to meeting you. This time is like no other time in the history of the world. And in the history of our School. I hope that you are your loved ones have been safe and ok during these challenging days.  We are of course responding to Government guidelines regarding school opening and we are confident that when you do join us, you will swiftly become part of the BRIT family. To give you a flavour, over the past six weeks we have run classes as normal and have provided students with an online timetable, routine, masterclasses, check ins and creative projects with full pastoral support for wellbeing. You can see some of the brilliant work created here on our platform BRIT Now- an exemplar of student’s work proving you cannot stop creativity. Our innovative staff have taught classes online from dance, music, DJ-ing to production, film making, art and all the curriculum subjects maths, science, English and languages.

As a parent said to us:

“In seeing how BRIT teachers and staff are dealing with on-line distance teaching in comparison I have nothing but praise for you all. My daughter has access to amazing facilities that keep her in contact  such as google classroom, and she has done video chats with teachers on google hang out. She has eased into her new routine without feeling isolated or not knowing what to do.”

When you get here in September you will find that this school will embrace and respect you.  We want four qualities for our students to take on when they come to BRIT: originality, responsibility, ambition, and inclusivity.

This means you will find your space here to unlock your creative potential, be your own person, be kind and act responsibly to others and yourself, and you will be accepting of the diverse community of artists you will work with every day.  You will experience powerful assemblies on mental health, Black History and LGBTQ, watch and participate in fantastic productions and exhibitions.

We are working out your induction and will be in touch soon but I wanted to give you a sense of what you might expect.

We have a team of people that you will get to know and will be central to you learning and growing when join us.  The staff at The BRIT school are special. Your tutors, the pastoral team, the front of house, the library, the exams, the student services team,  the canteen, the site and IT teams and our dedicated Additional Educational Needs team, will all be ready to meet you.

The other group of people you will get to know are our sponsors and trustees. The school couldn’t survive without the generosity of the music industry and the BRIT Trust. The equipment in our studios and classrooms and theatres is thanks to them. We have dear friends including Andrew Lloyd Webber, Nile Rodgers , the Utley Foundation, YouTube Music, Tim Cook at Apple and the Arts Council, all who have worked to support this school and we have an impressive Board of Trustees led by Chair David Carter. We have an active BRIT Parent community and student committee.

If nothing else, the pandemic has proved that the qualities and values of The BRIT school matter. The world needs creativity and the creative industries more than ever before; digital solutions, imaginative ideas, art, entertainment. It needs polymaths who value science, history, maths and art all at the same time. It needs original, responsible and ambitious young people to make the world work. It needs you. And it needs a more inclusive society where everyone matters. The supermarket van driver delivering what we need to survive, the care worker looking after the fragile, the artist who produces an online game, or a music video or film that can entertain. It needs a community that works for all. It’s why community matters so much to the school and why we know you will make a valuable contribution on your arrival.

 Take care and see you soon,


Stuart Worden


17th April

Please click here for the latest information and guidance from OFQUAL (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) if you are a student or parent of:

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

2nd April

URGENT: School closure until further notice

Information for parents, carers, interviewees, students & our community

Just a reminder that in line with national school closures, The BRIT School is closed indefinitely at this time. Whilst our initial date of re-opening was 15th April, this is now unlikely with the ongoing updates from the Government. We will of course, update you as soon as we know more, but for now, the School will continue to provide education online and through tutorials. Where at all possible students should keep up activity, learning and working - all of which will benefit wellbeing.  We understand that you will continue to have questions as new updates emerge; please allow the School to find solutions and we will continue to communicate with you once we have processed the best way forward for our students. Please be aware that our staff are experiencing a high volume of email traffic and it can take time to respond.  Thank you for your ongoing support. 

URGENT: School closure from 5pm Tuesday 17th March 2020

With heavy hearts we have made the decision that the school will be closing due to the pressure of having too many staff absent. The Department for Education and Public Health England have now advised that it “may be necessary if there are so many staff being isolated that the school has operational issues”. We have now reached this point and it has become impossible to operate as usual without significant consequences to everyone’s safety.

We have reluctantly made the decision to cease all performances and events for the foreseeable future.

School will be open on 18th MArch only for staff and students to collect work- between 9am-2pm.

After that, communication to the students regarding work will come from the school will via Google Classroom, Google Drive and email where relevant.  We will be sending out a further update in the coming days.  Please keep abreast of our website and your inbox.  We are continuously in communication with qualification and exam bodies and will share any updates with parents and students once we know more.

We acknowledge that closing the school has a huge impact. This is an unprecedented period of uncertainty for you, your child’s education, the staff, our community and the live arts industry at large. 

If you suspect that you have contracted COVID-19 (Coronavirus) do not come into Central.  Report your case and receive health advice by immediately phoning NHS 111.

Please read the full information as we update on our page

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