About Ali

Ali has worked in the music industry for over ten years cutting his teeth at recording studios such as Strongrooms and Red Light Post in Soho. He moved into sound design working for the prestigious Replay Heaven and Sample Magic in 2010 before starting work as a teacher. He has released a plethora of music and is a busy producer working for artists all around the world.


Course Content

  • During the four terms we cover a detailed programme of Logic, Ableton Live or both.
  • Starting with the fundamentals of using a digital audio workstation we work through to programming MIDI, recording, editing and manipulating audio, sound design, using MIDI controls (such as Ableton's Push), music theory, remixing, mixing, mastering and everything that's associated with music production.
  • Students are encouraged to bring in their own work (on their laptop or an external hard drive) where we can work through their own music or coursework

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