Our ‘BRIT Transforms’ Campaign - launched in our 30th anniversary year - aims to raise £10 million to #keepBRITspecial for future generations of young artists, regardless of their background, beliefs or who they are.

Inspiration through Inclusion

Every child attends The BRIT School for free. However, we need to raise £1,500 above our government funding in 2022/23 alone for every one of the 1,400 young artists we welcome, so we can provide the world-class training, facilities and opportunities that make BRIT special. 

Creative Communities

Alongside expanding our ‘stepping-stone’ bursary programme for graduating students, we will build upon The BRIT School’s ethos, expertise and experience and create an outreach programme that will champion the arts in secondary schools, building a creative community that inspires and supports young aspiring artists, regardless of their background. 

BRIT Village

The BRIT School needs to develop its campus to create a coherent, whole-school learning village that will promote creativity, be a much-needed home for 1,400 creative minds, and truly value the vocational & academic learning needs of our young artists. 


To support young artists of the future, The BRIT School needs your support now.

For more information, please contact Jon Pelluet (Director of Development) at jpelluet@brit.croydon.sch.uk or call 020 8665 8667.