Breaking Down Barriers to the Arts

With thanks to generous support of The Utley Foundation, The BRIT School is able to offer many young artists the opportunity to enjoy extra-curricular one-to-one music lessons that support their creative developmen

“I understand music a lot more now because of my drumming classes. Being able to learn how to play the drums is so important to me and my course; it enables me to further develop my ‘ear’ for music… now I have a new skill in playing the drums,  I can listen out much more for how the music should sound to the audience… But I would not have had the financial means to pay for lessons in drumming without the bursary programme.”

RJ studied in The BRIT School’s Technical Theatre Arts, specialising in sound. Thanks to the one-to-one music lesson bursary programme, she was also able to benefit from lessons in drumming.


“I can now confidently run music workshops within the community…I have gathered another skill which I am sincerely grateful for…. I want to be a Spoken Word artist and combine my music, community and dance skills to travel the world and work with communities, exploring real-life topics that have affected me.”


Jewel joined The BRIT School in September 2016, enrolling in Year 12 of our Applied Theatre Strands (formerly known as Community Arts Practice). She has reflected on her time here at the School and how her free extracurricular music classes have helped her craft.


The Utley Foundation Bursary Scheme has supported over 160 students in the past two years, and we are proud to partner with an organisation that so closely shares our values.