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Partnerships in Action

The Royal Bank of Canada Emerging Artists Programme in Partnership with The BRIT School

As a committed supporter of the arts, RBC launched it’s Emerging Artists Project in the UK in November 2020. The Project perfectly aligns with the BRIT School’s commitment to nurture talent and it’s forward thinking approach to breaking down the barriers to arts and culture.

The partnership supports the School’s online platform - BRIT Now - that showcases the developing talent of our 1400+ student community. Together, we are also establishing the RBC Emerging Artist Prize awarded to selected Final Year students as they leave the School and progress into higher education or directly into the creative industries. Alongside support for a number of our performing and creative art events, these two core elements will help to keep BRIT special and support young people from all backgrounds as they prepare for the next stage of their creative journey.  We are thrilled to have found a partner who recognises the importance of the arts and their impact on society.

  • “RBC’s purpose is to help communities prosper, and a critical component of that is supporting the important role the arts play in enriching our lives. We are thrilled to be partnering with The BRIT School, as part of the RBC Emerging Artists Project in the UK. The devastating impact of COVID-19 means artists need help more than ever to bridge the gap from ‘emerging’ to ‘established’, and we are committed to contributing to that journey.”

    Prue Thompson, Senior Director of Marketing and Client Engagement, Royal Bank of Canada

  • "What does ‘A place to be you, a place to be us’ mean to me? For me, it’s a place to be your best self, to be fully accepted and inspired to grow and push yourself. I think that's what we are all looking for in our workplace – it's really embodied by the RFuture group at RBC and within our other Employee Resource Groups."

    Naomi Addison, RBC diversity and inclusion committee, co-lead RBC Employee Resource Group ‘RFuture’

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