What are the entry requirements?      

  • Entry into the School is at age 14, after completion of Key Stage 3, OR at age 16 after completion of GCSEs.
  • Applicants must fill in the application form and return it to the School by the deadline indicated on the form.
  • You can apply after this date, but if your chosen course is full we might not be able to consider your application.

Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11, students cover all the core subjects. They also choose an arts Strand studying for a BTEC First Diploma and two option subjects. Students are grouped into ability sets for some subjects. The size of classes is 20-26 students.


Students are grouped according to their main arts Strand as follows:

  • Applied Theatre
  • Dance
  • Film & Media Production
  • Interactive Digital Design
  • Music (Music & Music Technology route)
  • Musical Theatre
  • Production Arts
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts & Design (Visual Arts & Design & Fashion, Styling & Textiles route)

Do I live close enough?

We accept students from most of Greater London and some parts of Kent and Surrey. We are allowed to take a small percentage of applicants from outside this area if they show unusual merit. We discourage students from making a very long daily journey to and from school, so give some thought as to how you might get to Selhurst.  Selhurst Station is on the Croydon to Victoria train line and the school is close to four bus routes.

Please click here for a full list of postcodes within our catchment area

If I live out of the catchment area. Will I get in?

Out of area places are very restricted; we can take up to 10% of students outside the catchment area.

Applicants from outside the catchment area need to show exceptional merit throughout each stage of the application process.

Can I apply for more than one Strand?

Applicants can only apply for one Strand.

Can I change Strand?

The applicant must start the application process again, sending in a letter stating the new Strand choice and enclosing a revised section 7 of the application form (questions relating to strand).

What documents will I need when I apply?

KS4 students will need to supply a copy of their Year 8 report, Post 16 students will need a copy of their Year 10 report. At some point during the application process you will be required to supply your passport (to be copied) and a copy of a utility bill which should show the address you were living at the time of application.  Please note if you are unable to supply this information it could result in your place being withdrawn.

I live overseas. Can I apply?

We will not accept Key Stage 4 students if their parents intend to remain abroad. Please see p.41 for more details for non UK residents.

I have already studied Year 12, can I apply?

Applicants who have already studied at Year 12 can apply to us but they will have to re-sit year 12 again.

They cannot be 18 years of age at the start of the course. They should submit a Year 11 report alongside their application.

When can we visit?

We only hold two Open Events a year in the Autumn term. 

Key Stage 4 and Post 16 students are welcome to attend either evening and details can be found on our Open Events page of the website. 

When do I find out if my application has been successful?

Workshops will be held from December to March for both Key Stage 4 and Post 16 applications.

There is a different application closing date for Post 16 Creative Arts Strands & Applied Theatre to allow time for Portfolios to be developed.

We will endeavour to communicate decisions within four weeks. We communicate all decisions by email.

Please ensure that all email addresses provided are correct. We use this method to communicate with you. Please ensure you check your junk and spam boxes. Please make @brit.croydon.sch.uk a safe sender. All responses are sent within our published time criteria and the School cannot therefore accept responsibility for any workshops or meetings that are missed due to either incorrect contact information supplied by the applicant or where our correspondence has not been read by the applicant/parent within the published time criteria.

I was unsuccessful can I apply for another strand?

Applicants whose application is not successful cannot apply for another strand unless they are specifically recommended by The BRIT School in writing and you are not in the process of appealing a decision made on the strand you originally applied for.

What if I cannot make my meeting/workshop?

We are only able to try and change interview/ audition dates for Public Exams (not mocks) and for hospital appointments. Please supply any supporting documentation of dates you may be unavailable at the point of application.

Do I need to bring anyone to my meeting and if so how many people can I bring?

Due to the high volume of applicants that attend these meetings we ask that you are accompanied only by your parent(s)/carer(s). The parent(s)/carer(s) of Post 16 applicants do not have to attend the meeting if they do not wish to. It is mandatory for KS4 applicants to be accompanied by their parent(s)/carer(s) in order for the interview to take place. Parents can only attend the meeting and NOT the workshop.

How is the school year organised?

The year is organised into five terms of approximately eight weeks, divided by two week holidays (four weeks in the summer), although there are a few days off at Easter in most years. This best supports the effective delivery of the curriculum and allows students to return refreshed at the beginning of each term.

Click here for Term dates

What do we expect from students?

Students are expected to sign the Student Agreement before starting, which sets out our expectation to help preserve The BRIT School as an enjoyable, orderly, friendly and creative environment.  There is a wide range of opportunities to participate in arts activities, and watch performances, and you are expected to make a full and enthusiastic contribution to the wider life of the School.

Do you offer accommodation locally?

We do have a list of local residents who offer rooms to be let, but parents must take responsibility for the accommodation being satisfactory and make sure that the day-to-day support for the student is in place. This applies to Post 16 students only as we will not accept applications for Key Stage 4 if the applicant will need to live independently. Please note The BRIT School do not vet these landlords.

How can I contact you?

If you have a general question about The BRIT School, you can email studentservices@brit.croydon.sch.uk.

Who can I contact about queries or issues regarding the Parent Portal?

If you have a query or issue with the Parent Portal please email parentportal@brit.croydon.sch.uk where a member of the IT Support Department will be happy to assist you.