Guidance for BRIT School application recordings


Before Recording

  • test your phone/camera and any accessories, by recording a small amount of footage and playing it back 
  • stabilise the phone/camera and position it from an audience perspective - ensure it’s not too far to avoid losing clarity in the audio recording 
  • record in landscape (phone turned on it’s side)
  • ensure that the space being used for filming is clear of furniture and is well lit
  • make sure you are clearly visible and in focus in the recording
  • at the start of all recordings state your name in full – first name and surname
  • record with a single phone/camera from an audience perspective and from start to finish
  • wherever possible, try to film straight-on from the audience perspective
  • make sure there are no distracting noises off camera and the audio is clear
  • keep filming for several seconds beyond the end of the work to make sure it is complete.

After recording

  • After a recording has been made, make sure you watch it back and check there are no problems with the recording, and that the requirements above have been met. 
  • Make a duplicate copy of all your recorded work in case there are any issues with the submitted recordings. 

Acceptable file types

Please only submit video files in MP4 format. We will accept .MOV but be aware that this may take longer to upload.
Please only submit Audio files in MP3 format.

Using the wrong format may mean that we are unable to view your work. 

Naming the files

Refer to the instructions on the specific Strand upload section for details on naming the files.


If you have any further questions about recording your work please email: