Governance structure

The following Directors/Trustees/Governors/Members are detailed below.  The Senior Leadership Team is also detailed.  The small letters refer to the current memberships of the various committees.

For more information on our Governors, please visit the Governors' Biographies page. You can also view the relevant business and pecuniary interests of all members and trustees (Governors) here.

Corporate Member

BPI (British Recorded Music Industry) Limited

Chair of Trustees

Directors/Trustees/ Nominated Governors/ Members of the Company through the year



Josh Berger CBE a, b

Kathryn Ambrosi (Chair of CSW) f

Chris Ancliff (appointed 1 January 2017) c, e

Paul Burger c, f

Jo Charrington a

Madelaine Cooper e

Maggie Crowe OBE a, b, d, f

Angela Ferreira b, e

Cush Jumbo f

Martin Locket (Chair of Finance Committee) c

Dej Mahoney (Chair of Governance Committee) e, f

Jonathan Morrish (Chair of PR/Marketing Committee) d

Tanya Rose

Louise Soden b

Al Webber

Jasmine Wilson a (Chair of Personnel Committee)

Staff Governors (Co-opted) 

Lakshmy Rajah f

Thabo Stuck e



Parent Governors (Co-opted)

James Hillier 

Jonathan Ward c


Yong Liu


If anyone needs to get in touch with the Chair of Trustees, please email

Senior Leaders

Principal & Accounting Officer 

Director of Finance

Senior Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal – Creative Arts

Assistant Principal – Performing Arts

Assistant Principal – Student Experience

Director of Communications


Stuart Worden a, c, d, f

Yong Liu a, c, e

Kirsty Mehta c,f

Della Gibbins f

Adrianne Chapman 

Ray Oudkerk e

Claire Mullord f

Alexa Cruickshank d

Committee membership during the year

a) Personnel Committee

b) Principal’s Performance Management Committee

c) Finance Committee

d) PR/Marketing Committee

e) Governance Committee

f) Curriculum and Student Welfare Committee