About Jimmy

Jimmy Owen is recognised as a world-class talent, both as an electric and acoustic guitarist and

also as a singer-songwriter, producer and MD. Known for his virtuosity across every genre paired with an obsessive attention to tone, in 2019 Jimmy is delighted to have been endorsed by PRS Guitars, Victory Amps, Flattley Pedals, Kool Amplification, and Audient as the face of their new Sono interface.


Jimmy's musical journey began young. Aged 5, he would sit down at his parents' piano and pick out Bach or Chopin by ear. Jimmy first picked up a guitar aged 16 and felt an instant affinity to the instrument - in his words, he "couldn't sleep because it was time away from playing". A few months later Jimmy was honoured to be invited to David Gilmour’s house and given the run of his instruments, including his famous Fender Strat, from which point his future career was fixed in his mind.

At 18 Jimmy was given an unconditional offer to study at the British Institute of Modern Music where he was taught by and subsequently performed with world-renowned guitarist Guthrie Govan (Hans Zimmer). 

Jimmy has lectured and mentored students at the country’s top music universities, institutes and academies, including  BIMM, Water Bear and BGA, delivering BA(Hons), BMus, BTec, A Level, GCSE & Diploma level courses.

He has over a decade of teaching experience at Key Stage 1-5, offering exam primers (both classical and contemporary), music theory tuition, ABRSM and Rockschool/RGT grade 1-8 tuition, and performance workshops and masterclasses, with a high distinction track record.

Many of his students have excelled and gone on to study at the world’s top music colleges and schools as well as have successful music careers - Henry Moodie, Sophie May, Noah and the Loners, Mike Walsh. 

Jimmy has worked with Guthrie Govan and was mentored by him as well as working performing and recording with Martin Kent (Ace) Skunk Anansie and Chris Maresh of Multi Platinum and Grammy Winner artist Eric Johnson's band. 

Course Content

• Practical Playing skills and Technique

• Song writing Theory

• Performance Techniques

• Tone Development

• Music theory

• Slide guitar

• Music reading

• Picking techniques

• Style analysis

• Development of sound tone, feel and creativity

• Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar with an emphasis on Rock and Pop,

• From basic chords to advanced Lead Guitar improvisation

• Guitar and music theory

• Scales, Arpeggios, Legato, picking techniques, harmony, Modal system

• Recording techniques