National Exam Seasons

The Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ) allows awarding bodies to deliver two main exam seasons for academic subjects annually. The November exam series for students resitting English language GCSE or Maths GCSE in KS5, and the Summer series which runs from May to June annually, is for GCSE at KS4 and KS5 and GCE (AS and A Levels) in KS5.

Vocational Qualifcations for BTEC’s/ RSL/NCFE also have an External Assessments windows as a separate series that takes place from January to May. KS4 Strand students taking qualifications with these awarding bodies can expect to sit an external assessment during year 10 or year 11, during Term 3 and/or Term 4.



11/4/2022 - Individual timetables have been posted to home addresses

Student's individual examination timetables for Summer 2022 exam season were posted on the 11th April 2022 to the student home address on our school record. Please email the for any enquires regarding you individual timetable. 

Please note the AEN team will be available to assist with any Access Arrangements (AA) enquires before the National Summer Exam season begins on the 16th April 2022. Students who receive AA of extra time, rest breaks, prompters or coloured overlays maybe seated for some exams in the main exam venues. Students who have a smaller room cohort requirement listed on their timetable for medical or AA needs, will be roomed and seated in AEN department, the Library or the Lecture Theatre depending on their exam subject and date. 

1/4/2022- MFL French and Spanish options Speaking examinations are confirmed 

MFL speaking exams will take place between the 3rd and 6th May 2022. The speaking exam is worth 25% of students overall French or Spanish GCSE and is compulsory to attend. Students who study French and Spanish options will have their speaking exams time and date confirmed by their subject teacher from the MFL department. Please contact the MFL department if you have not received information for your speaking exam. 

8/2/2022 - Advanced information for exams in Summer 2022

JCQ have confirmed their awarding bodies have released advanced information for the GCSE/ GCE qualifications, for written exams taking place in summer 2022. Advance information is one part of a package of measures introduced by Government to support students whose learning has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and is intended to help guide and prioritise revision.  This is available to all students directly from the awarding bodies websites.

Advanced information is intended to communicate the focus of the content of the written examinations (or specific to only part of the papers) that will be assessed in summer 2022. As stated by DfE, the purpose of advance information is to support revision, this information is not allowed to be taken into the examinations during the set date written exams. Advance information will not be provided in subjects where optionality is being introduced for 2022, this applies to GCSE English Literature and History.

JCQ has published a guide for students and updated FAQs on advance information please find these in PDF below. You can find relevant guidance from JCQ and Ofqual on the JCQ Advance Information landing page.

31/1/2022 - School Summer Timetable available

The BRIT Schools Summer 2022, all school timetable in PDF, is now available to download. Please see PDF below. This is a useful document to download and print, or to add key dates to your diaries. This document is intended to ensure students are aware of the awarding bodies set time and date exams, and to assist with students creating a revision schedules.

Entry statements will come out in late February 2022, for students to check and ensure all their GCE or GCSE subjects are listed for entry in summer 2022 and to check for any clashes. If a studied subject is missing off their entries, students must email as soon as possible to advise the exams team of the issue. 

The BRIT School AEN team will require all student and parent requests for Access Arrangements for Summer 2022 to be with them by the 1st March 2022. This is to ensure time for assessments before the national deadline for Access Arrangement approvals. 

Timetable will be with students in mid-April 2022 to confirm seating, rooming and access arrangements for the National GCE and GCSE summer examination season. 

9/11/2021- Summer season written exams are confirmed by Ofqual with a TAG contingency plan

Ofqual have announced this year there will be formal written exams taking place in the Summer 2022 exam series, and they intend for GCSE, AS and A Level subjects to return to being assessed in set date written exams.

They have published a letter to students to explain their decision for summer examinations and assessments. Please find the link to this letter here: Ofqual Letter to Students

The Summer 2022 series written exams will have some adaptions to reduce content for English Literature and History. Physics and Maths subjects will have an additional formula sheet available in the written exams and all other subjects will have advance information about the summer exams published by the 7th February 2022, to assist students with their revision.    

Grading will be set at a standard between 2021 and 2019 grade boundaries. This means that exam boards will set grade boundaries, so that more students will get higher grades in 2022 then before the pandemic based on grade boundaries. 

In response to the pandemic, a contingency plan of Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG's) will be used if Summer 2022 exams cannot go ahead. 

Students must ensure they have read the JCQ candidate information for GCSE and GCE (AS and A Levels) before the exam season begins. Please see above for the link to the JCQ candidate information page.