Senior Leadership Team

Stuart Worden  email

Senior Assistant Principal
Kirsty Mehta  email

Assistant Principal Creative Arts
Adrianne Chapman  email

Assistant Principal Student Experience
Claire Mullord  email

Assistant Principal Performing Arts
Ray Oudkerk  email   

Assistant Principal
Della Gibbins  email

Director of Communications
Alexa Cruickshank  email  

Director of Finance
Yong Liu email


Pastoral Team

Director of Pastoral
Rachel Penn  email

Assistant Director of Pastoral/Head of Year 10
Arfan Shah  email

Head of Year 11
Nick O'Kelly  email

Student Welfare Officer
Olivia Green  email



Strand and Teaching Departments

Additional Educational Needs

Deputy SENCO
Lakshmy Rajah  email

LSA Level 3 Transition Coordinator
Adina Harvard  email

AEN Team Administrator
Kieu-Linh Kerrison  email

Community Arts Practice

Head of Community Arts Practice
Emma Banton  email


Director of Dance
Andrea Davis  email

Assistant Director/Peri Dance Co-ordinator
Jodie Clark  email

Teacher of Dance
Ezmaii Bulsara-Crosbie  email

Teacher of Dance
Julia Dark  email

Teacher of Dance
Laura Flanagan  email

Teacher of Dance
Simeon Qysea    email


Head of English / Literacy Co-ordinator
Elaine Nelson  email

Deputy Head/Pupil Premium Leader
Mike Offen  email

Teacher of English
Rachel Penn  email

Teacher of English
Nick O'Kelly  email

Teacher of English
Robert Skinner  email

Teacher of English
Victoria Symonds-Cleary   email

Teacher of English
Michael Corcoran   email

Teacher of English
Sonia Thomas   email

Film and Media Production

Director of Film and Media Production
Graham Chalk  email

Assistant Director of Film and Media Production
Calum Secular  email

Teacher of Film and Media Production
Philippa Bloomfield  email

Teacher of Film and Media Production and Teacher Training Leader
Maxine Gordon   email

Teacher of Film and Media Production
Menelik Simpson   email


Head of Humanities
Derek Moir  email

Teacher of Humanities
Thabo Stuck  email

Interactive Digital Design

Director of IDD and FDA Digital Media
Alison Pemberton  email

Director of IDD
Kerry Western  email

Assistant Director of IDD
Hannah Matthews  email

Teacher of IDD
Lorna Crouch email

Teacher of IDD
Ben Shelley  email

Teacher of IDD
Kat Zawadzki  email

Teacher of IDD

Briony Blyth email


Head of Languages
Mireille Akiki  email


Head of Mathematics
Tom Wates  email

Teacher of Maths
Joy Kalombo  email

Teacher of Maths and PE
Christian Konietzny  email

Teacher of Mathematics
Danielle Laljee  email

Teacher of Mathematics
Bola Abiloye email

Lead Practitioner of Mathematics
James McNaught email


Director of Music
Conor Doherty  email

Assistant Director of Music
Chris McInnes  email

Teacher of Music
Philippa Lucas  email

Teacher of Music
Suddi Raval   email

Teacher of Music
Rebecca Appleby  email

Teacher of Music
Chris Chalaye  email

Music Technician
James Allen  email

Please note: we experience a high volume of requests for services from the school such as students to perform, media enquires and filming. We are unable to respond to all enquiries.

Musical Theatre

Director of Musical Theatre
Rob Holt  email

Assistant Director of Musical Theatre
Katy Sechiari  email

Teacher of Musical Theatre
Lorraine Bitmead  email

Teacher of Musical Theatre
Stephen Geraghty  email

Teacher of Musical Theatre
Carly Woodhouse    email

Teacher of Musical Theatre
Innes Brown  email

Teacher of Musical Theatre
James Harrison email

Production Arts

Director of Production Arts
Olivia Chew  email

Assistant Director of Production Arts
Ian Teague  email

Production Manager
Guy Lovegrove  email

Resident Stage Manager
Louise Ring  email     

Technical Manager
Andrew Smith  email

Theatre Technician
Chris Elston  email

Assistant Theatre Technician
Andy Howes  email

Costume Instructor/Technician
Harriet Crome   email

Costume Technician
Chloe Leigh  email

Teacher of Lighting and Sound
Stacy Parish-Whitehead  email

Production and Performing Arts Technician
Anthony Norris-Watson  email


Head of Science
Icolyn Dennis  email

Deputy Head of KS4
Arfan Shah  email

Teacher of Science
Yvette Douglas  email

Teacher of Science
Bob Bement    email

Teacher of Science
Ikran Muhamed    email

Teacher of Science
Anum Iqbal    email

Science Technician
Albert Adegbite  email     


Director of Theatre
Sarah Goodall  email

Assistant Director of Theatre
Neil Duggan email

Teacher of Theatre
Ben Matthews  email

Teacher of Theatre
Rae McKen  email     

Teacher of Theatre
Joey Parsad email

Teacher of Theatre
John Cockerill   email

Visual Art and Design

Director of Visual Art and Design
Alice Everest  email

Director of Visual Art and Design
Chris Waite  email

Assistant Director of Visual Art and Design
Claire Gildersleve  email

Teacher of Visual Art and Design
Maria Sams  email

Teacher of Visual Art and Design
Michael Coombes  email     

Teacher of Visual Art and Design
Sophie Cornelius  email

Teacher of Visual Art and Design 
Clodagh Croghan  email

Visual Art and Design Technician
Dave Henckel  email

Support Departments


PA to Principal
Ms E Rudkin email

PA to Assistant Principals
Ms D Patel  email

Box Office/Reception

Front of House Manager
Dan Clark  email

Assistant Front of House Manager
Tina Williams  email


Careers Manager
Jo Evans  email

Careers Assistant
George Smith  email

Careers Officer

Rosa Murdoch email 


Head of Counselling
Yolanda Antonia  email

School Counsellor
Rasha Hammami  email

School Counsellor
Natasha Carville  email

School Counsellor
Alexandra Johnson  email

Development and Fundraising

Development Director
Jon Pelluet  email

Development Administrator
Bruce Tang   email

Development Manager
Mairi Sinclair   email

Exams & Data

Data Manager
Katie Findlater  email

Exams Manager
Sarah Smith-Brix  email


Interim Director of Finance
Yong Liu email

People Team

HR Officer
Lisa Hills  email

Learning Resource Centre

Learning Resources Co-Ordinator
Sam Richards  email

Site Staff

Site Manager
Nick Fiander  email


Student Services

Student Services Administration Manager
Vanessa Crudgington  email

Attendance Officer
Laurie Sutton  email

Music Peri Administrator
Blythe Williams  email   


Peripatetic Music Teachers

Music Peripatetic Coordinator
Blythe Williams  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Bass Guitar)
Derek Baxter  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Voice)
Anton Browne  email

Peripatetic Teacher
Dave Colquhoun  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Voice)
Jenny Howe  email     

Peripatetic Teacher
Ali Jamieson  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Voice)
Beth Littlewood  email

Peripatetic Teacher
Angela Luzi  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Voice)
Rachel Lyske  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Voice)
Sam Marlow  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Voice)
James Moriarty  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Saxophone and Voice)
Claire Tilby  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Voice)
Georg Tormann  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Drums)
Andy Woodard  email

Peripatetic Teacher (Drums)
Colin Woolway  email


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