Certificate Enquiries


Certificates for Summer Exam series are received by centres in November of the year the exams were taken, this is to allow time for enquiry about results and access to scripts. The BRIT School sends out all certificates to students as signed for recorded delivery to the Student's Home Address on record. Please check your current Student Address with our Student Services Department if you have recently moved. 

The qualifications certificates are the students only authenticated record of achievement from the awarding body and should be stored securely for future employment, further education or personal development requirements, and where third parties may ask to see your record of achievement. 

If a certificate is not signed for when posted, the Royal Mail will leave a red collection card for the student to collect the certificate from the local sorting office. Any certificates uncollected by the Royal Mail deadline of 14 days will be returned to the school. They can take up to 9 months to return uncollected posted certificates. The exam team will contact you on the student details on record, if a certificate is returned to the school.

If you have had a house fire or water damage to the property, and the certificates were destroyed by the incident, please contact the awarding body directly via their website with evidence or an official record of the incident and request a replacement certificate. The School Centre Number for academic subjects is 14347 you may need this for replacement certificate requests. 

If you have a certificate enquiry within the last two academic years of certification, please email dataandexams@brit.croydon.sch.uk with your Full Legal Name, Strand, the year issued and exams series the certificate is covering, the awarding body and your Student ID Number/Candidate Number and Current Address, if you have moved. We will check our records and confirm when the certificates were posted to your address on record and if they have been returned to the school. 

For replacement certificate enquiries dated before the last two academic years, please contact the awarding body directly, using the replacement certificate section of their website, you will need to purchase a replacement certificate directly from the awarding body. The school does not keep photocopies of certificates and the original certificate will have been returned to the awarding body or securely destroyed in line with awarding body organisations' guidance, if it was not signed for when posted and was returned but not collected from school within the academic year following certification. We are unable to advise on student’s certificates that are over two academic years old if lost in the post, or advise on the awarding bodies used if the qualification was completed with prior to the 2018-2019 academic year.

Please note it is the student’s responsibility to keep their certificates secure for future use and purchase replacement certificate if the student has lost the certificates. Please visit the awarding bodies websites for replacement certificate services which are at cost to the student.