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Under the Data Protection Act, individuals have the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified. This may involve the employee providing a supplementary statement or documents to the incomplete date.

A request for rectification of data should be made in writing or verbally to the relevant department (see below) stating that this is a request for rectification. The request will then be logged in a password protected spreadsheet to ensure that all requests are looked into appropriately. A response to the request will be given to the requestor without undue delay, and not later than one calendar month.  It may be in the first instance that the requestor is contacted to ensure the school has understood the nature of their request.

Depending on the data being requested for rectification, the School may ask for documentation for verification of the change. i.e. Change of name would require either deed poll documentation or marriage certificate respectively.

Inaccurate personal data is when the data is incorrect or misleading as to any matter of fact.

During the period of checking the request, the processing of a requestor's data will be restricted.

If the School is satisfied that the data does require rectification, they will amend the data without undue delay and inform the requestor as such in writing.

Should the School believe following the request that the current data held is accurate it will inform the requestor that it will not be amending the data with a clear decision as to why, in writing.  In these circumstances the requestor will be informed of their right to make a complaint to the ICO or any other supervisory authority and their ability to seek to enforce this right through judicial remedy.

Should the School deem the request for rectification to be manifestly unfounded, or excessive, it may refuse to comply.  This could include the repetitive nature of the requests.  In these circumstances the School can request a reasonable fee to deal with the request or refuse to action the request.

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