A Pathway is an A or AS Level that can be studied alongside your chosen Arts Strand subject.


We offer:

AS Film Studies

AS Biology

AS English Literature

A Level English Literature

English Recommended Reading List

A Level History

A Level Maths

Re-sit Maths GCSE

Re-sit English Language GCSE


Your UAL strand will consume a minimum of 15 hours of your week but is often much more. The timetable will only allow for one additional Pathway unless needing to re-sit both maths and English GCSE.

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AS Biology

Course description

We follow the AQA Specification for AS Level Biology (7401). It is a one year course and students sit their external assessments at the end of Year 12. Students will have 5 hours a week for the course, which will comprise theory and practical based learning. Practical work is at the heart of biology. There are 6 required practicals that students will complete during the course and will be assessed on their knowledge and understanding of these, and the skills exemplified within each practical. There are more practicals carried out throughout the duration of the course.

Biology looks at how living organisms, both animals (including humans) and plants, function and interrelate. Much of the work involves many of the new developments in genetics and biotechnology. It should not be studied in isolation. Biology should be related, in a wider sense, to the needs of people. Relevant and important aspects of modern life are stressed, including those of a personal, social, environmental, economic and technological nature.


1. Biological Molecules

  • Biological Molecules

  • Nucleic Acids

2. Cells

  • Cell Structure

  • Transport across Cell Membranes

  • Cell Recognition and the Immune System

3. Organisms Exchange Substances with their Environment

  • Exchange

  • Mass Transport

4. Genetic Information, Variation and Relationships between Organisms

  • DNA, Genes and Protein Synthesis

  • Genetic Diversity and Adaptation

  • Biodiversity


Read our AS Biology Curriculum Map here.